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Specialising in the supply of rare and obsolete Ariel Motorcycle bearings.

Ariel was a bicycle and motorcycle manufacturer based in Bournbrook, Birmingham, England. The company was formed in 1847 when Ariel made bicycles and pneumatic-tyred wheels for horse drawn carriages.

The first Ariel to be fitted with an engine was a powered tricycle that appeared in 1898. In 1901 the first Ariel motorcycle proper was launched, powered by a 211 cc Minerva engine.

In 1926 a new designer, Val Page, joined Ariel and created a pair of new engines which used many existing cycle parts. These Ariels are known as 'Black Ariels' (1926–1930) and were the basis on which all Ariel 4-stroke singles were based until their demise in 1959.

Bearing Applications on Ariel Classic Motorcycles

Bearing Applications

An Ariel 1958 600cc Side valve


Royal Enfield Bullet

When you need to replace the bearings on your Ariel Motorcycle, no matter how old, try us - we can help. We carry extensive stock and can source world-wide, allowing us to provide bearings for rare models like those listed below:

Bearings supplied for all Ariel Models, including:

  • VH500
  • Ariel-Norton
  • Hunter
  • Colt
  • Red Hunter
  • Arrow Super Sports
  • Square Four
  • VB600
  • Arrow
  • Side Valve
  • Brooklands
  • 350cc Twinport
  • Leader
  • VG500
  • 1937 Red Hunter

    1937 Red Hunter



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